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Joe Cabatit

Creative Developement


Joe Cabatit

I came to New York in 2000 to be an actor, so like most acting school graduates, I don't act so much anymore, but I was raised by artists who met in art school, and  had three artist kids, so art has always been important in my life. 
I have had many jobs, across various tasks within the arts that have given me a broad skillset that I can only refer to as "creative Developement." 
Actor, writer, stand up comic, sound recorder, musician, Theatre, film, pre-production, production, post-production, bar tennding... All of these bringing me to what I do now, Art, which is basically what I have always been doing.
Telling stories.
Perhaps I could help you tell YOUR story.

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You think I might be a CREEP?
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I don't know if I can ease those concerns, but I CAN give you a little more information.
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Jobs 1980-1998

Jobs 1998-2000

Dish washer
Music Manager
Training manager
Toy Tester
Camera Dept
Producer's Assistant
I was born January of 1980.
By 1986 I had learned to read by reading comic books. My
days were spent with G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Transformers and Spider-Man.
In 1989 I'd see Tim burton's Batman and I'd go full on Batman. In high school I studied acting and art. 
I graduated High school in 1998 and went straight into acting in community theatre and working as a PA on a film.
That summer of 1998, I learned a lot about working on a low budget film, as well as how to live on only granola bars and peanut butter. At any rate, it led to more jobs in the sound and camera departments.
After some time in LA I took a trip to Scotland to study theatre at the university of Edinburgh. The trip rekindled my love for theatre and I took the leap and moved to New York CIty .



Jobs 2000-2013


Jobs 2013-2015

Resturant Host
Fake Paparazzi
Bar Manager
Stand Up Comic
Stand Up
Comic Book Artist
Concept Artist
While attending summer classes at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, I began acting in student films and I discovered the UCB theatre and Longform improv,
By 2001 I was attending school full time as well as taking classes at the UCB.
After graduating AADA in 2003, I began regularly performing Stand up and improv
I took various PA jobs working in film production in NYC and New Jersey.
In 2009 I starred in a crazy indi-sci-fi film Prototype.
By 2010 I had went into writing, and reading other peoples scripts. Exhausted from the frustration of developement limbo, I surrendered and went into a creative funk.
In 2013, I was talking with Andrew Sanford and connected over comic books. We had the idea to just make our own comic., just make something. He had an Idea for a story and I had an idea for a visual style.  We put up a Kickstarter and made it happen.
I once again learned alot about low budget production, as well as how to be fine with ink stained hands.  The whole endevour rekindeled my love for art and the telling of stories, no mater the form.


Presently I still live and work in New York. all my past experiences have come togther into creative design, telling stories, showing stories, hearing stories, 
I make Logos, banners, posters, illustrations. I make comics and sequential art. I do concept design and story boards.
I help people tell thier stories.

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All I'm offering is the Truth...
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