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Okay Stalker, since what's on the internet is on the internet, let me save you the time of sifting through pages of irrelevent links and redundant  search finds.  I will share ALL links and notes that are relevent to ME, no matter how flattering or NOT flattering the information may be.
You may be thinking, "surely there's only ONE Joe Cabatit." Truth is there are at least 3. My last name is Filipino, so you'll discover that most Cabatits around the world live there. In the Zambalas reagion, known for it's mango festival...
...Okay, so this won't be THAT detailed of a guided romp through the web. Most of the stuff you'd find is really just repeating the same thing over and over and a lot of it I can't read, because I only read English. This will be more like a curated history of me by way of my digital footprint.
I don't make a habbit of googling myself, but I had it brought to my attention that my digital profile was all over the place.  It didn't help that I grew up pre Internet, so half of my life predates social media as we know it. The last time I had a web page it was an Angelfire account in 1997. Plus, I've done so many weird things, that I wasn't even sure what I would find.
This is meant to streamline all that cloud of internet dust and help you get a better idea of me based soley on what you could find if you googled me, for better or worse.
Of course, I am so much more than just THIS, but in this day and age that we live in I figure it's best just to present all the stuff you could find by yourself and maybe I could give you my take on it. I mean, you are on the hidden page of joecabatit.com, you obviously are extremely bored and hungry for content of any kind or you are a stalker, either way, thank you for feeding my vanity.

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So join Me as I investigate what the Internet says about...


Jack of all Trades

Master of Bastion


2003               Quality Street
At the top of any search of me gives you my IMDB page. Well, I mean, not MINE. It's IMDB's.  I never got around to ... I have never been good with the "Buisness" of being an actor. So I never really got around to the self promotion. I mean Sure I'm vain, vain as hell, this is a website about me, so yeah. I've rediscovered my inner vanity... 
I'll shut up.
Whatever, the point is, apperently IMDB is a pretty big thing to search. It also knows my birthday and city of birth... so Congradulations IMDB, but now I'm largly remembered for only two things. .. if I'm remembered at all...
Photo: Trydersmith.com  Meghan Jones pictured  
Theatre has always been a huge guiding force in my life.
Holy crap. Did I just Type "Guiding Force?" 

Actors... always so dramatic.
When I first moved to New York I did a bunch of student films, all of which were filmed on actual film. Heavy Soul , directed by Oren Shai was the only one that really did anything.  It was well received and pretty fun. I made an ass out of myself on set, but that's a whole other story. 'The coolest thing was playing "the grandson of a plantation working" getting to say lines like "Don't worry, I'm not a juvinile delinquent" and "Don't worry, everbody's doing it."
2013              Joan's Boutique
Photo: Charlotte Miller   Brooke Dimarco pictured
Interview at the time of "Joan's Boutique " Play by Charlotte Miller.
In Prototype, directed by Mike Reily, I got to kill a bunch of people. It didn't get the best reviews, nor did I, but it did make money... so there's that. 
Prototype wasn't it's original title. The Asian market realized that the films description vaguely resembled the idea of the plot for a video game comming out that same year, so they changed it to make some money. It has nothing to do with the game Prototype and as far as I knew, no one on the crew had any idea.
Dispite all that, it was a lot of fun and I met a lot of people who I'm still friends with to this day.
Visible Soul
I also have  done my far share of directing. This was the only random record that pops up.  ... Just says I directed the play. Thats all.
Monica FLory
Dread Central
Darrons Review
Amazon Reviews
I thought this dvd case was particularly funny.

The cover on the left isn't me, and the movie has no tanks or bombers or jeeps or fire... But it's wicked cool looking. Interestingly enough, the game Prototype has bombers and tanks and jeeps...and fire.

The back cover also has some cool buildings that I don't believe are in Las Vegas, were it takes place.

Whatever. I had fun making it and you would have too.


For over 10 years I performed Improv and Stand up around NYC.
The U.C.B., the P.I.T., the Village Lantern, The Duplex, Comix, Gotham, and Carolines among others.

For several years I ran a show in Manhattan Called the Tuesday Show that held weekly shows at Joe Franlin's and Ha! Comedy club in Times Square.
Photo: Peter Cooke Photography
Part of my Weekly shows was a bit I called the Swen. It was backwards news from around the world. For a hot minute, I was going to also do it as a blog, but them I just... stopped.   Fail.

​Not completely unlike my stand up career.
Photo: Leslie Hassler Studio


Two Minutes with
Anna Alexander
Me and my friends Andrew Sanford and Zach Block bonded over comic books, so we produced one ourselves. We sort of put ourselves in a Comic book production school, doing it all ourselves, top to bottom.
"Gwendolyn" was the child of that production school. In truth we were in over our heads, but we met or goals and learned from our mistakes. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding and renewed my love of art. 
Award winning romance novelist Anna Alexander does 2 minute interviews with creative types about the buisness of creativity.
Comic Vine
Like to listen to a bunch of Nerds talk about comic books? No? Well here's some Podcast appearances I did with Andrew Sanford promoting Gwendolyn.
Rougue Planet
Assemble AD
*Full disclosure, She's my sister and I'm wicked proud of her. Check out her stuff.
This weird entry is simply one guy who went around Comicon asking art tables what thier favorite beer was. I said Guiness, though If I am drinking a beer, it's a Stella.  I think I just said Guiness to sound cool.
For more of my art check out my website. What? It's on the internet.

Weird Stuff 

Most popular?
When Born?
As of this 3/1/16, acording to IMDB, I am the 5th most popular person born in Redmond Washington... whatever that means. One of my goals is the break the top three... whatever that means.
This site cracks me up. It's a simple "answers" page with "When was Joe Cabatit born." Why everyone is obsessed with my birthday, I do not know, but what make me laugh is the next two questions answered. "When were Joe Jackson's Kids Born?" and "Was Joe Paterno born Jewish?" It thrills me to know that if someone looks for my birthdate, they can also have those riddles solved.
Celeb Galore
This crazy website is sorta scary. It has this wacky destiny number, astrological...  
I dunno. But it's super detailed. I think it's just a site that pulls all the names off of IMDB then plunks the birthday in and just spits out this. Either way, it's weird

Plus, near the bottom of the page, you can enter your name and birthday and check your capatability with me... Super weird.
This one is a point 9 on the weird scale. I think it's German or something. I dunno. Anyway it's a site obsesed it hands on comic covers. 

Some 20 something rows down you'll find the cover to Gwendolyn issue 4.

The cover with a hand on it. 

I f I had  known, I would have redrawn the hand.
So, in all fairness and full discloser, I've had my share of haters. As far as the internet goes I've had one consistant hater... I think it's one. I dunno. So, someone put this up. It's just a picture of me, perhaps not the most flattering picture, but still it's just a picture with a simple caption. "Joe Cabatit is a Cunt."

Not gonna lie, it sorta hurts... I've always thought of my self as a Dick or an Ass. Either way I guess it's okay. Some of my closest friends are cunts.

That's it!... I think.

I dare you to find something else... though that would be an even MORE waist of time than THIS was! 

Anywho, I hope you had fun.

 I'm all exhausted and sore from Googling myself. Not sure if I was doing it right.

Thanks for the support
​Love Periodically