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Joe Cabatit

Creative Developement


Series by
Andrew Sanford & Joe Cabatit
Gwendolyn is a hundreds of years old demon child who perfers an isolated exsistence  after several lifetimes of demonic horror and madness. 
Volume One: Out of Exile, collects the first five issues and chronicals Gwendolyn's re emergence into civilization. She encounters Jerome, a man searching for his neice, and gets wrapped up in a war between humans, creatures, and demons.
Volume two: City to City, is being produced currently. City to City collects issues 6-10, and chronicals the thrilling conclusion to volume one. Jerome will find his answers and Gwendolyn will have to decide what side she will be on.  
Distributed digitally by Alterna Comics, You can buy it now at Comixology.com. 

Volume 1: Out of Exile


In "Out of Exile" Gwendolyn ​receives a message that something has happened, threatening to end the truce that has allowed her to live in her peacefull seclusion. Peaceful to her, perhaps not so peacefull for the children she dines on.

The main story centers around Brooklyn native Jerome as he searches the city for his lost niece. His only help is an elderly wheelchair bound man named Francis, who persists that the answer is supernatural.

On their Quest, Jerome and Francis stumble into an ages old war between humans and the supernatural creatures of the night. Most notably, the God children, Demons brought to our world from a Hell-like dimention thousands of years ago.

Jerome stumbles deeper and deeper into a strange world of magic and evil. The closer he gets to answers about saving his niece, the more impossible and unbelievible the task appears. 

Things go way crazy as Brooklyn is set ablaze. Issue 5 ends when Gwendolyn approaches Jerome with a proposal. Perhaps they can help each other. 

Kickstarter Rewards

Gwendolyn first launched as a kickstarter project. We were successfully funded and backers who donated $100 or more were sent an original 11x17 inked illustration of themselves with characters from Gwendolyn. 
The original reward was to be drawn "being killed", but some backers vouched for "impending doom." Here are a few of my favorites.
Thanks Backers!

  1. Donor Mikael Page
    Donor Mikael Page
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    Donor Adam Young
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    Donor Joan Hoskin
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    Donor Mr & Mrs Sanford
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    Donor Mr & Mrs Cabatit

Behind the words:
by Andrew Sanford


I can’t pin down when I grew an affinity for writing, but comic books I can nail down exactly. Going into a local shop with my Dad when I was 6, he allowed me to pick out one book. That book was The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Special #2. I loved the Simpsons and this gave me access to new stories in a way that felt very similar. It was animated right in front of me. I could read the words or just look at the pictures and I was laughing and enjoying myself all the same. This new (to me) medium grabbed a hold and permeated my way of thinking from that day forward and would eventually lead to me taking part in what I can easily describe as a dream project.​​


There is something about getting inspired by your ideas through someone else’s eyes. Sitting around with Joe and just bouncing around ideas was one of those first times where work really was fun. We were creating and more importantly Joe was making it all come to life. Be it sketches or finished pages, Joe’s work fills me with an unbridled inspiration that few things do. And not just the gold he’s been able to produce with me; watching him as an artist across many platforms (writing, acting, comedy) constantly has a way of filling me with the urge to work harder and dream bigger. To have someone who inspires you as a creative partner on a project is, as I said, dream like. 


There is a great quote by Harry Shearer along the lines of, “People become comedians to control why people laugh at them.” I believe the same thing applies to myself, but with horror. As a young child I was the type to jump into my bed to avoid monsters grabbing my feet and run up the stairs as quickly as possible so whatever was surely behind me in the dark could not catch up. As I grew older, my fear turned to fascination. Now I jump at any chance to be scared. When the seeds of Gwendolyn were first planted, it was with a scenario that I found truly horrifying. Working with Joe turned that fledgling idea into a grander dream and added an all new haunting level to it. We created something that truly gives me the chills and I couldn’t be happier.  

Gwendolyn: Behind the pictures:
by Joe Cabatit

Gwendolyn, for me, started as an exercise in collaboration and execution...
it was also partially a dare from my cousin.
I had been in a creative funk and I found myself drawing more. After a long conversation with Andrew Sanford about comic books, we realized that I was looking for something to draw and he was looking for something to write. So we made the decision to cut our chops and see what we could do, as a fun project for ourselves.

We pitched each other ideas for hours until Andrew pulled out a short story he wrote years before and we rehashed it. After bouncing ideas off of Zach Block, we realized that he could Letter for us, and put the things together.
It was something fun to work on when hanging out, but more importantly, we formed a creative team!

As I said before, I had been in a creative funk, but Gwendolyn was begining to fill that focused doodling time. While whinning to my cousin Clance about how none of my projects were going anywhere, and how I had nothing to get really serious about, He made me a gentelmen's wager.
He dared me to make something. To put something on Kickstarter and successfully fund something. He dared me to set goals, and meet deadlines. Not just financial goals, but artistic goals, and not just deadlines to myself, but deadlines accountable to other people. He challenged me to just do something from start to finish, get it out of the way, then do more.
So I took him on that bet and I punched him in the gut... It's something Me and my cousin do... Okay, so it's something I do to my cousin, wether he wants me to do it or not... What? He's like a little brother. .. A younger. smarter, more togther brother... What do you do to your younger cousins?.
.. I should probably stop punching him.

Since Me, Zach and Andrew had already put together issue one, for ourselves, it made sense for Gwendolyn to be that project. The boys agreed, we threw up a kickstarter, we were successfully funded and we were off to the races.
When I started, I had no idea what I was doing. I was purely focused on getting it done on time.  We had already had long talks about the look and character designs, so I just kept my head down and drew as I got each script.  figuring it out as I went.
By issue 3 I had began to have fun. By issue 4, I began to settle into a style. It wasn't until issue 5, the final act, when I really saw how different the art looked. Focusing on execution had improved my abilities.
As an artist, with a love for comics, at first I was a bit ashamed of the inconsistancy from begining to end, but that wasn't what Volume One was for me. It was about Collaboration and Execution.  Now when I look at it I see it as a document of my growth as an artist and a reason to stop punching my cousin.
Part of me and what I was going through during that time is in the art of those pages, and I'm a totally different person now.  If I did volume two, I'd need a NEW set of goals... and someone to DARE me...
About the Creators

Andrew was born and raised in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. and has always enjoyed telling stories to anyone who would listen. Since moving to New York City, Andrew has done everything from hosting a weekly stand up show to co-publishing a comic book. Now, he turns his attention to podcasting with his show, Half White Son of a Black man.

Check out his podcast Half-White Son of A Black Man

And follow him at:
ZACH BLOCK is one of the most tech savy people I know, yet he has virtually no digital footprint. Perhaps it's because he's so tech savy. In fact this right here is the most you would find about him. So don't be surprised if [deleted}
​Follow him nowhere.
JOE CABATIT is a self absorbed weirdo, currently residing in New York CIty. For years he's been trying to step out from under his own shadow. Needing only to learn to simply turn around and face the sun. Well, that was rather poetic wasn't it? Can you tell that I'm writing my own Bio?

For more on Joe Cabatit, go to your local Library. He won't be there but you can use their computer to go to this website, that you are currently on. 
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