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Joe Cabatit

Creative Developement

Vanity Projects

 Y​​​​ My idea for Vanity Projects started while I was in high school. Since I was 17 I've kept a journal, and one day I just couldn't come up with words to explain how I was feeling. So I drew a little self portrait doodle. 
    Over the years I noticed how the self portrait was always changing. Not because my look was drastically shifting, but rather because how I felt did. How I saw myself did.

  Then a few years ago I took that idea to explore how I felt about a specific idea. That project became "Public Records of a Private Dick."   Placing myself literally in the center of my art.

  Now I understand how placing ones self in the center of ones art may come across as self centered. I mean, It is, but I have found it benefical in my own self examination.  (and perhaps feeds a bit of ego that I have lacked in the past.)

  In recent years, placing my self in my art has become signature when making my own creative peices., and is probably why so many of the characters I draw  look alike... It's me!


Joseph James Cabatit the First

Public Records

of a Private Dick

An Illustrative project by Joe Cabatit

I think sometimes the best art is self indulgent. I enjoy making it the most when I'm drawing something that I want to see.   I know it may sound a bit narcissistic, but I guess I just wanted to see myself in noir/pulp scenes.
Okay, so it's more than that. I also wanted to explore my own personal story. My love story with Myself. So I cast myself as a private eye investigating some of my failed relationnships.
I was also trying to find ways to sign images without a signature. Making me the subject became the signature... as well as easing my personal vanity.
It wasn't until after I finished the last one and named it "Private Dick" that I realized that I was the subject. I was the dick.
So, with all the vanity of a talentless actor and hubris of a humorless comedian, I present...

"Public Records of a private Dick" 
  1. Two Birds, One Stone
    Two Birds, One Stone
  2. Mirror, Mirror
    Mirror, Mirror
  3. Smoke Signals
    Smoke Signals
  4. a Girl Named Trouble
    a Girl Named Trouble
  5. Private Dancer
    Private Dancer
  6. Private Dick
    Private Dick
  1. Halloween
  2. Octjoeberfest
  3. Muertjoes